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The city of Yakima needs strong leadership to protect our communities, boost economic opportunities, and clean up our streets and parks.


Economic Opportunies

Dulce is committed to supporting regional facilities that generate tourism and boost local business. Dulce is committed to strengthening local job creation by minimizing parking restrictions for new housing and business development. She also supports downtown residents and businesses by opposing downtown parking fees.

The City of Yakima can also be proactive in stimulating the local economy. Dulce is committed to passing hire-local apprenticeships that require public project contractors approved by the City of Yakima to hire city residents. She also supports maintaining the City of Yakima high school internship program for youth living within city limits. 

Public Safety

Dulce supports the Yakima Police Department and the Yakima Fire Department in their need for adequate resources. Dulce is in support of the police force's move toward community policing. If elected, Dulce will continue to hold neighborhood forums in impacted communities (outside of City Hall) that focus on public safety and offer support and access to city officials for direct and open dialogue. 

Dulce also supports maintaining services to help victims of domestic violence and rehab-focused court programs for non-violent offenders struggling with addiction. Public safety also includes pedestrian and traffic safety. If elected, Dulce will work to install more lights and install and improve crosswalks. Dulce's commitment is to enhance public safety for the entire city and make Yakima a safe place to live, work and enjoy life. 

Quality of Life

Dulce is committed to improving roads and sidewalks to ensure you can get around the city easily in your vehicle, a ride on the bus, a bike, or on foot. Dulce remains committed to installing more signage, lights, and one-way traffic requirements for school walking routes. She also supports the development of more housing, specifically starter homes, middle-class homes, and affordable housing. 

Over the years, Dulce has led efforts to upgrade and clean neighborhood parks, pools, and alleyways. Dulce will continue to work on securing funds for youth programs and opening the new city pool at MLK Jr. Park. She is committed to enriching the quality of life in the inner city and ensuring city services are accessible and accountable to residents. 

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