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Dulce Gutierrez receives award plaque for completion of Yakima City Council term

Highlighting Dulce's Work for Yakima  

"Alex Meyerhoff (the former Yakima City Manager) praised Dulce Gutierrez for organizing a series of community meetings focused on public safety, ensuring that council meetings had Spanish interpretation services, spearheading the creation of high school internship and mentoring opportunities and championing Safe Routes to School projects." 

-Article entitled "Reflections" by Lex Talamo; Yakima Herald-Republic
December 16, 2019

Dulce on the Record

Throughout the years, Dulce has worked with community members, businesses, churches, organizations, and city officials to improve different areas of the City of Yakima.
Serving from 2015 through 2019, much of Dulce's voting record as a member of the Yakima City Council was crucial for improving the quality of life for residents:


  1. Voted to approve and supported the expansion of the Yakima Convention Center to host more regional events in Yakima

  2. Voted to approve and led the effort to establish the first City of Yakima paid summer internship for Yakima School District students 


  3. Voted to approve significant funding for improvements to main streets and intersections by establishing the Transportation Benefit District


  1. Voted in support of the City of Yakima hiring its first ever Victim's Advocate to support victims of domestic violence 


  2. Voted to approve a partnership between the City of Yakima with the Yakima School District and community service providers to fund gang intervention support and drug intervention support to 6th-grade students identified by school staff


  3. Voted to approve a new, accountability-based City of Yakima Community Diversion Program for low-level, non-violent offenders that accept help for drug abuse (rehab or treatment)


  1. Voted to approve and led the effort to secure the funding needed to initiate the planning process for a new city pool in east Yakima (at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, next to Washington Middle School)

  2. Voted to approve and led the effort to establish safe walking routes to all elementary schools located in the city

  3. Voted to approve funding to clean and pave dangerous and dirty graveled alleyways in the Cherry Avenue neighborhood area

  4. Voted to approve investments in community centers, pools, and park playgrounds in District 1 and across Yakima

  5. Voted to maintain fees as low as possible for city residents using or reserving city park facilities and recreation programs

  6. Voted to approve and led efforts to commit funds to improving the Yakima Trolley tracks and route experience

  7. Voted to approve new rules that allowed small units on residential property to be rented, known as accessory dwelling units, creating more opportunities for affordable housing options

  8. Voted to approve funding to convert the former Marine Corps Reserve armory building into a housing complex for homeless veterans

  9. Voted to approve funding for a Next Step Housing apartment complex to house a combination of people of low income and people experiencing homelessness 


  10. Voted to approve a safe and sanitary sanctioned campgrounds for people experiencing homelessness also known as Camp Hope

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